"You just graduated, too?" "No, I've been working for six years." The girl looked a little embarrassed. "I didn't go to school after junior high school. I went to beauty school." The girl's face soon returned to normal. I think if there is anything that makes a girl feel embarrassed, it is only when people ask her for her diploma that she never feels inferior to others. "You've been working for six years?" It's a little surprised to see this girl and young man who is almost his own age. "Yes, I'm the head of the beauty salon now." When she said this, she could still hear some pride in her voice. "You've become a store manager." The young man's expression changed from surprise to envy. "Don't envy me. Your future is brighter than mine." Girl's light smile. "Then you must have suffered a lot." "Then you must have suffered a lot." "No pain." In fact, the girl didn't say that when she started to do the beauty salon, she was so tired that her wrists were swollen every day. When she became the store manager, she worried about more things, but she carried them all alone. A person has been wandering for so many years, and the girl has learned one thing is not easy to complain to anyone, she is afraid, and some things can no longer be borne by herself. The girl suddenly thought of something, "Oh yes, I haven't known your name for so long." "My name is Yin Xiaoran." "My name is moximing." The two introduced each other. "How did you buy a hard seat?" There was some confusion on the young man's face. The girl understood the meaning of the young man as soon as she heard it. Now the shop manager's salary is not cheap.